Why VivaPhi?

Are we marketers, social media strategists, digital designers, data scientists, technologists, MBAs, health care wonks or science geeks?

Our strength is that we’re a little bit of each. Having such breadth gives us the power to do a lot with very little advance warning and do a lot more than traditional agencies.  If you’re like most organizations, you need help in bridging the gaps, providing multidisciplinary insight into how to get your message across and get conversations started in a networked world. “VivaPhi” means living patterns, with multidisciplinary insight, we can find the network patterns that will deliver success. We excel in providing high impact content and delivery for complex business offerings in dynamic marketplaces.

If there’s one area we are well-known in, it’s the use of interactive digital tools to enable accountable care and healthcare payment reform.

In a networked world, businesses don’t just need customers, they need a community of passionate people looking for solutions to their needs. Our combination of deep market knowledge, social influence, advanced and adaptive methods with world-renowned talent means we can help you become an integral part of a community of people who care.

When needed, we bring in external resources at the top of their game for added depth. Check out our list of available ninjas and supporters.

Oh, and once in a while, we’ve been called thought leaders by leading experts in the rapidly changing business of health care.