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Harnessing Network Power

Ubiquitous connectivity means that network power is growing fast. Successful organizations will be those that can harness it.

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  • Social Media Strategy

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr? The tools will always change. What matters is having a comprehensive strategy that builds trust and empowers your customer’s influencers and your evangelists (ideally they’re the same people). Success means finding and building a community to serve. Social media isn’t just social, it’s quickly becoming business communication. Why? Because in world […]

  • Digital Marketing

    Content? Social? Web? Analytics? Mobile? Apps? Ads? What you do depends on what your customers want want to do. Marketing today is of limited value unless it influences what people do, it’s measurable and it’s affordable.

  • Event Production

    We’ve worked with some of the top conference organizers, including HIMSS and O’reilly, to bring together thought leaders and produce memorable experiences. We specialize in producing and promoting events in technology, science and health care. People come to events not just for the content but for the community. “a dazzling roster of interesting talks about […]